40-Day Guided Prayer Journey

For over 20 years, I have struggled to develop and maintain a consistent prayer life. I deeply admire those to whom prayer comes easily and those who spend time consistently praying. My inconsistent prayer life is not because I lack conviction, but because I’ve struggled to have a simple and sustainable prayer model that is enjoyable, creative, Spirit-led and helpful. I’ve tried many prayer plans, used acronyms, copied the prayer life of others, used the Book of Common Prayer and other useful tools. They've helped. However, I could not find a sustainable way to engage in prayer intimately with God, until recently... 

It started when I was reading Bob Sorge’s book - “RESET: 20 Ways to a Consistent Prayer Life”.  As I was reading Bob’s book my heart would leap because of the words he used. I found myself getting excited and I began praying some of the short phrases he wrote. Over time and with practice, I formed a prayer model for myself. Short, simple, Spirt-led prayers. Below is the 5 step model.


Step 1

The Prayer

A 1-2 sentence prayer.

Step 2

The PRAYER Model

Pray. Pause. Listen.


Step 3


An intentional method for responding to Holy Spirit, woven into the dialogue and heart of prayer.

  1. REPENT - How will you change the way you think?

  2. BEHOLD - Upon what aspect of Christ’s character are you meditating?

  3. BECOME - What part of your life and attitude is growing and maturing?

  4. RELEASE - Make a declarative statement rooted in the prayer instead of a request.


Go back to Step 1 and repeat the prayer. Repeat this process until you sense the Spirit’s release from this prayer.



Step 4

The Bible

Bible verses to support the scripted prayer and praying the scriptures.



Step 5


What action step are you going to make based upon this experience?



For me, this PRAYER MODEL has been a gift from heaven. I would like to share this example with you, hoping it will help you discover the joy and creativity that is found in Spirt-led praying.