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Destiny To Reality Plan

"Like those who dream....” Psalm 126:1


Pastor Lance Bane



Like those who dream...
— Psalm 126:1

The following is a simple outline for the purpose of helping you prepare to take meaningful steps forward, so that you can engage a process that will give you great opportunity for your destiny to become a reality.

Here are scriptures to ponder in this process:

  • John 14:12

  • Matthew 16:18

  • Matthew 5:16

  • Colossians 1:27

  • Psalm 139

  • Jeremiah 1

  • Ephesians 2:10

  • Ephesians 4:1

When Destiny Becomes Reality...


  • POTENTIAL - Who am I?

    Questions to consider:

    • What is my God-given identity?

    • What is my personality type?

    • What is my DISC profile?

    • What are my strengths?

    • What are my passions?

    • Who are the people I admire and why?

    • What are my values?

    • What are my gifts?

  • PROMISE - What do I believe?

    Questions to consider:

    • What do I need to believe about me and my destiny?

    • What am I believing that is hindering my growth?

    • How will my destiny bring honor to Jesus?

    • Is my destiny ‘MY’ destiny or am I living for someone else?

    • What are the reasons that support my belief about my destiny?

  • PASSION - Will I own my destiny?

    Questions to consider:

    • Why do I believe my destiny is worth investing?

    • How high a price am I willing to pay to fulfill my destiny?

    • What price will those I love have to pay?

    • When will I communicate my destiny to those I love?

    • What do I need from God to fulfill my destiny?

    • What do I need from others to fulfill my destiny?

    • What do I need from myself to fulfill my destiny?

The two greatest days of your life are the day you were born and the day you discover why.
— Mark Twain


  • PURPOSE - What specifically am I called to do?

    Questions to consider:

    • How will my walking in my destiny help others?

    • Will I write down my destiny and establish deadlines so that my destiny becomes a measurable goal?

    • How does movement towards my destiny bring satisfaction?

    • In what areas do I need clarity about my destiny?

    • Who is walking in a destiny similar to mine and what can I learn from them?

  • PLAN - Will I create steps and share them with others?

    Questions to consider:

    • No one achieves greatness alone, so who do I need that will support me in my plan?

    • What is my plan for overcoming disappointment, discouragement, disillusionment?

    • What is my plan for maintaining focus in busy seasons?

    • What will I do to ensure flexibility within the plan?

    • How will my talent, calling and gifting influence my plan?

  • REALITY - What do I need to do today to move closer to fulfilling my destiny?

    Questions to consider:

    • What is my present position?

    • What actions am I taking that move me closer or further away from my destiny?

    • What options or changes should I consider?

    • What resources are available to me?

    • What do I need to say ‘no’ to, so I can fully say ‘yes’?

    • How will I embrace my challenges, so I can see them as dream fillers and not dream killers?

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