Faith Without A Filter

Day 4

Christ FOR Us

used as a function word to indicate the object or recipient of a perception, desire, or activity

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Christ For Us

used as a function word to indicate the object or recipient of a perception, desire, or activity

So far, the prepositions we have covered have given us encouraging insight into the mystery of what it means to have a relationship and friendship with the God of all universe. He is with us and like us and today we highlight that He is for us. When we learn that He is for us, we understand that He seeks after us. He is searching, looking, calling and finding us right where we are. He does not wait for us to come out of the dark and dirty places and stumble upon a holy God in a clean and pure place. When He is like us, He enters into the stained story of humanity and not only comes near us where we are, but also saves us where we are. This is a profound mystery because so many people believe that they need to be clean before they come to God. We will never get clean enough, but Jesus has made us clean. We have become the righteousness of God because He who did not know any sin, became sin for us. He came for us. He became for us. “For”, as defined by the dictionary means to indicate the object or recipient of a perception, desire or activity. We are the recipients of His grace, recipients of how He sees us, and recipients of His passionate desire. He is a holy God, full of justice and righteousness, full of mercy and compassion. Jesus is for us. Trust His voice the way Lex trusted the voice of his friend. Even though we may be blind at times, blinded by our uncertainty, fear or anxiety, Jesus is there. Listen for His voice and trust Him. When we do - we worship, pray and commune with a God who is loyal.


  1. “He became sin for us, so we could become righteous in right standing with God.” - How does that affect your trust, thankfulness and passion for God?

  2. In what way does it help you pray, knowing that Jesus is for us and not just with us or like us?

  3. What dark situation are you facing right now? How does knowing that Jesus is for you, strengthen you to endure and be successful in that dark situation?


Write down some of the painful moments of your life that are still affecting you and ask Jesus how Him being for you can bring healing to those moments and memories. Journal what you experience and practice this new normal when you are triggered to experience the painful past.