Faith Without A Filter

Day 5

Christ IN Us

used as a function word to indicate inclusion, location and involvement

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used as a function word to indicate inclusion, location and involvement

We now live in a habitation culture with God. He lives in us. John 15 reminds us that this reality leads to answered prayer, friendship with God, insight into the secrets of God and bearing fruit that does not fade. You are the house of God; the dwelling place of His presence. No matter where you are, there He is. He is in you. We carry Him in us - earthen vessels of clay. As fragile as we clay vessels may be, we carry this glory for the satisfaction of our souls and for the betterment of other people’s lives. Not only is this reality of Christ in us meaningful to us, it also provides a divine strength for those who are facing life-threatening persecution. Whether we face the sword for our faith or endure mocking and ridicule, we know that God is in us. Facing the fire of persecution or standing strong against the god of intellectualism - God is with us and He has made us home. We overcome despair and step into the new narrative of freedom from sin and servant motivated devotion to God. This leads us to worship, pray and commune with an eternal, triumphant God who loves to call us His home. Be encouraged, beloved.


  1. Ask Jesus - “How do I live with a visitation mindset instead of a habitation mindset? What do you want me to believe differently, so I can live differently?”

  2. Describe how this truth anchors you in your conviction about God’s goodness and commitment to you?

  3. In what way will your attitude change because of this devotional?


Set an alarm three times today to pray this prayer - “Jesus, you are IN me and I am thankful. Remind me of your indwelling presence and renew my mind, so that in difficult moments I will recall that you are always with me and I am your dwelling place. Fill me with the fullness of your presence. Amen.”