graham cooke

if you are not familiar with who graham cooke then i'll fill you in. he is a strong prophetic voice in the kingdom right now. he lives in vacaville, california. his message has much to do with who we are in Christ and living out of that reality. he is speaking at our church (last night) as well as tonight.

here are few of my notes from his message and/or stuff i got from our meeting with him this morning.

how can a Christian be happy in a world that operates in powerlessness?

the "suddenlies" of God generate momentum in our journey. you can't walk at the same pace any longer.

i operate in this life at two levels:
a> relational: as a son of God
b> functional: as a servant/slave/steward to humanity

you can not place the kingdom inside of the church, but you are to place the church inside the kingdom.

prophetic words are mile markers that help us track our journey and direction.

to say "yes" to a new season is to say "no" to an old one.

prophecy is history written in advance.

changed minds can only follow changed hearts.

*this is my favorite*

prophecy says there is a better version of "you" on the way!

I love that! I need to know there is a better version of me on the way. I am loving what Graham is talking about. it is a lot of things to process, but i walk out of each meeting feeling and knowing the love of God at a heart and experiential level. i really need that right now in the season i'm in.

oh yeah, here's one more.

when God is hidden, he has not left you, he is just not a reality at the emotional level. he invented hide and seek. he hides and we seek. what a great journey to discover the kindest person we could ever meet...God!

until next time....