JUMP - continued

so i will continue what i started yesterday. here goes....

4. i don't know how to balance risk and wisdom.
i Isaiah 11 talks about how the Holy Spirit shows up in certain ways. the spirit of wisdom and revelation. the spirit of counsel and might. the spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord. this is what I felt like the Lord spoke to me, "I will give you a spirit of counsel and might, wisdom and revelation, because I want you to know me intimately. To reverence adn live in awe of me is the start to wisdom. I release the spirit of the fear of the Lord. I am motivating you towards wisdom and revelation. John 8.32, "know the truth" and be free. I give wisdom so you can risk, not to keep you from it."

5. i don't jump because i love comfort.
1 corinthians 14.3 says that prophecy is for edification, exhortation and comfort. edification is to "build up", exhortation is to "draw near" and comfort is "to cheer up." i need the prophetic when i am uncomfortable. i need the prophetic to help give me vision and to release me to a direction. this is what the Lord said to me, "would you rather have comfort from me or from yourself? you only need comfort because you are uncomfortable/fatigued. I give rest to the weary. i comfort my people. I comfort them because it makes their batteries recharge so they can advance the kingdom."

6. i won't jump because it will require great energy and effort. it's a fear of being lazy. coasting and existing rather than really living.
i was thinking about 1 samuel 14 and how jonathan got tired of sitting around while his dad, king saul, sits under a pomegranate tree. Jonathan says to his armor bearer, "let's go over there and PERHAPS the Lord will act on our behalf." I don't know about you but the thought of a "perhaps" doesn't sound like a guarantee. But as we read, God acted on their behalf and Israel had a great victory that day. Here is what the Lord said to me, "More gets done from a position of rest. Resting which is a manifestation of trust, while anxiety will paralyze you or move you to do things in the strength of human power not divine power. Rest illustrates that heaven is changing the scene. It's a faith move. I rest my mind because I am living with the mind of Christ. I rest in human initiated effort because the human behavior i have now is a reflection of God's activity. I will not dictate every detail, but want you to renew your mind so that I trust you. Your personality is important. A coach designs plays, but he doesn't tell them how to run. I have designs and plan, but they are executed through your personality and the type of relationship you have with God. resting gets much done. rest in me and eat the spoils of the enemy. rest is not inactivity but living int rust and operating in God's power.

Then I said, "If I don't trust maybe it's because I"m looking at the wrong thing. Psalm 22.4 says that "trust will breed deliverance." Also in Exodus 14.31 when the Israelites saw what God did to Egypt they trusted in God.

The father then said, "If you choose to lean on one thing, it's because you can't lean on something else. Change what you are leaning on."

7. i don't jump because i'm looking at the wrong thing. (hebrews 2.18-3.1, 12.2, Psalm 141.8)
the father said, "don't let what's wrong with you or with the world keep you from worshiping what's right with God. Meditate, fix your eyes and focus on me and the connection we have. Remember "as the Father sent me, so i send you." I get the same resources and quality of sending as Jesus.

I am still processing all of this and praying through it. I would appreciate your prayers as well.

How about you, do any of these things keep you from leaping in the unknown of God's activity? If not, what is on your list that keeps you from jumping?

until next time....

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