There are times when conversations with other people feel like you are emotionally and spiritually eating your favorite meal. You feel built up, encouraged and hopeful.

I had one of those times today.

I am a very good leader. Leadership defined as the ability to cast a compelling vision, motivate others, be a visionary, etc.

I am not a very good manager. This diagnosis was given to me today. I believe it. I felt liberated when I heard it. I thought, "that's exactly what I have been trying to nail down for the last 10-12 years." I do not know why I have not discovered it. Maybe I didn't want to because it would require such radical change. Maybe I didn't because I didn't know how to embrace the learning curve that I would get on. Maybe I didn't because I didn't have the reference point to identify it. It would be like a cocktail waitress giving a medical diagnosis. I simply had not reference point for it.

But that is all in the past. I am a present to future thinker. So what am I going to do?

A few things. And these few things are going to be intentional, difficult and much fun. I love to learn, so this process should be good.

1. Pray.
The Holy Spirit seems like the ultimate manager. The Father released the vision. Jesus lived it out and gave us the resources to fulfill the vision. The Holy Spirit is the manager and leader.

2. Read.
In particular I am reading to Marcus Buckingham books.

3. Seek the advice of other good managers.

4. Audit a college course on business management.

I will try and keep you posted on how this is going. Please pray for me to receive the impartation and revelation of the Holy Spirit concerning this new skill set. The Holy Spirit has been preparing me for this for almost a year. It is in an unusual way, but it's been happening. He has continually been speaking to me about "sonship." That is so important because as I grow in that security two things happen.

1. I feel no need to impress anyone.
2. I have nothing to prove to anyone.

That type of security sets me up to learn this lesson publicly with the opportunity for much failure. It won't matter to my identity, because I am secure as a son with nothing to prove and no one to impress.

I hope you all have a great week. I will be off line for about two weeks as my wife and go for a get a way to the Northwest.

Until next time...