the dream thing

i have been playing this one key song for some time. if not in public, for sure in my heart and mind. it's the one key of dreaming. i have been asked, "what do you dream about?" many times i don't have an answer. what have i learned? that it's much easier to motivate others to dream and not really dream yourself. i have learned the behavior of hiding behind others. i hate to admit it, but i do. there have been times where i have hidden behind the gifts and talents of others. when doing so i am void of responsibility and have not the ability to fail. i also have no ability to succeed. so how sweet does success taste? it must be more sweet that the bitter taste of disappointment.

dreams are a big part of this. we dream, but do not want to disappointment. how do i prepare for disappointment when i am planning to do something risky? how do i look at the mountain of potential hurt or rejection and still mount up the stallion of faith and charge the mountain? faith does not ignore the mountain, it simply charges it.

the new adidas commercials are very kingdom minded, even if they do not know it. i like the story of reggie bush and gilbert arenas as they talk about their emergence into their professional sports. the commercials conclude with the phrase, "impossible is nothing."

that must be how i view my dreams. the prisons and pits that i live in today are promotional opportunities for palaces. some of my greatest assets are the people who dislike me the most. why? because in their persecution, my determination and belief in the dream are tested.

have you ever wondered what joseph thought when he had his dream of leadership as a teen boy? did he know that it would take him to egypt? did he know that his brothers would despise him and sell him into slavery?

could God have gotten joe to egypt some other way than selling him into slavery? after all, he had a destiny and mandate for national leadership. i would think, that God could get me into my dream world in a more pleasant and comfortable way. nope; not God's style. his style is one of tests and tribulations. james said we should consider it all joy. perhaps the key to thriving in the midst of difficulty is what we are considering. do we consider him who is faithful? do we consider our circumstances over our vision? do we consider the devil and his attempts at embezzling our dream or do we fix our eyes on the author and perfecter of our faith? it was in a day that joseph went from the pit to the palace. it can be in a moment, when God has seen our endurance, our faithfulness, our perseverance and our pursuit of him that he unlocks the doors of promotion and puts in a place of leadership. the dream world can be the real world. the choice is ours. God help me stay focused on you and all that you are doing in my life. let the intimacy i have with you lead me with confidence and assurance into storms and difficulties. if jesus can sleep in the midst of a death storm so can I. not because i am ignorant, but because i am a peacemaker and peace keeper. i believe Him who is able to keep that which i have committed to him until the day of his promotion.

until next time.....