a new name....

If God were to give you a new name do you know what it would be? Have you ever thought about that? I heard of a family that recently named their child after a cartoon character. I laughed. I was also disturbed by that. There is so much power in a name.

I know that Darlene and I have tried to hear what God wants us to name our children. We feel like their name is a reflection of their identity and purpose in life.

1. Matthew (currently 14) - "man of God", "gift of God"
2. Sara (currently 13) - "princess"
3. Lucas Ian (almost 2) - "revelation,light" "grace of God"

Matt is and will demonstrate what it is to be a man of God in a society that is confused about real masculinity. Sara will live as a princess and royalty, much as Esther did. I see the Holy Spirit giving her spiritual beauty treatments (although she is naturally beautiful) and preparing her to labor with God for the rescuing of a generation. Luke is our revelation of grace. He is our little healer much like Luke in the scriptures. He naturally loves on people when they don't feel well. He just has a discernment for it.

Besides your natural name what other name does God give you? I was in prayer once and God spoke to me that a new name I had was Barnabas, Son of Encouragement. Not only does the name reveal an identity and purpose but it also reveals some of our potential struggles. One of my greatest struggles is to stay confident and live with courage. The nature of what I am to dispense is what I struggle with the most. I love "in-couraging" others, while I myself can at times wrestle with discouragement.

Some say Barnabas was the one who mentored Paul. He also saw to the reconciliation of Paul and Mark when they had a feud in Acts. Barnabas never wrote a letter of the NT but he helped write the lives of Paul and Mark. I think that's part of my mission; create a climate of encouragement where "impossible is nothing." It really is acting ilke a father in the faith. I may never write anything famous, but can I labor with God to see his fame displayed in acts of power and grace through others in the kingdom?

So what is the new name God is giving you?
How do you feel about that? Does it call you to a realm of living that stretches your current capacity?
It does me. Let me know your new name so I can see you as God sees you.

until next time.....