early morning

I woke up early this morning. How about 4:15 am! I knew when I woke up there was no going back to sleep. My mind was in full mode. I wake my wife up at 4:45 and ask her, "do we need milk for the baby?" i know. stupid question. what person wants to be awakened with that question. she answered as only she could, "you want to go the store at 4:30 and get milk?" YES. so i did. i showered, dressed for work, brushed the teeth, etc. and went to everyone's favorite store, Wal-Mart.

There are short lines at 5:15 in the morning at Wal-Mart.

It's now 6:11 am. The house is quiet and dark. The brightness of my laptop cascades a small light in the room. just enough to see a silhouette of things. the smell of the fireplace looms strong. it's nice this time of morning. as i sit i think of the lyrics to a song i love. they go like this (sing them to whatever tune you like),

"i'll never be the same, no, i'll never be the same.

cause i know that you're alive and you came to fix my broken life.

i'll sing to glorify your holy name, Jesus Christ.

fire fall down. fire fall down...on us we pray."

may you experience the quietness of soul and spirit today, so that if HE were to just whisper your name, you would hear it. i pray for those reading this today to experience the tenderness of God's goodness, the extravagance of His kindness and the satisfaction of His love.

until next time....