feeling safe...

i know i mentioned a blog or two ago about Luke (my 2 year old) running outside and swinging the bat. i was curious about whether he felt safe enough by his home life to adventure into dangerous areas?

well last night my wife and i had dinner with some friends in our church. they are a tad bit older than us, not much, but they feel like a mother and father in the faith. i told them that every time we are around them we always feel safe, protected and loved. it's a great feeling. i can not describe what it is like to be in a church environment where vulnerability is valued and guarded. sure, sure, i know, you can't be vulnerable with everyone. but there are times when it feels as if you have to be guarded, particularly as a leader in vocational ministry.

relationships are key in this new culture of the supernatural and revival. relational infrastructure is the key. how do you do that organically? how do you be intentional about it, yet let it happen at the same time? how do we get our people to a place where we mutually encourage each other, love on each other and most importantly create relationships that are attractive to God and the presence of God?

This seems important. I know that these principles have been discussed for years. they certainly are not new. but like a marriage, there are things you know, but you still must address them again and see that they do not become stale. i feel that way about some of our church. no, it's not stale, but we can't afford to be stale. these simple concepts of relationships, trust, love, vulnerability, etc. are important and need the freshness of God on them.

that's what i am thinking about today.

until next time.....