i'm feeling the pressure to post something because i have not done that in a couple of weeks. however, what God is doing in me is so sacred, that i do not feel that it is time to speak publicly of it.

i will say i had one of the most amazing conversations with my wife last night. she is stronger than i imagined. more beautiful than i could have dreamed. she is the epitome of tenacity, tenderness and strength.

all i know....God is doing something with us. because of it, ministry feels scattered. life feels out of order. it makes me think often of the Holy Spirit as the one who loves to fill in the gaps. well, i am leaving many gaps for him to fill in.

i love my wife. i love my children. i love my church community. i love my city. i love what God is doing in us. and yes, of course, i love the original LOVER...papa God.

until next time...(and when I get my heart to understand what is happening.....)