the power of communication

i have been trying to refrain from making political observations. for one, i am not sure i am smart to make public observations and secondly, the purpose of this blog is not to position myself on one side of the aisle.however, there is so much excitement about mr. obama's speeches. i have heard him least through c-span, youtube and 30 second sound bites. he seems to be a powerful communicator. really, if i were voting for president on one's ability to give a great speech, i would not vote for john mccain or hillary clinton. barack obama is proving that great communication can generate much momentum. there seems to be a groundswell of support for him. why? because he gives an energetic and passionate speech. i, for one, am looking for great delivery and solid substance. i am not sure i have gotten the solid substance.

i point this out just to illustrate what should be happening in youth ministries and in pulpits across america. we do not need, nor deserve, dry, monotone messages. we need men and women of God who are being formed in intimacy and the fire of the Holy Spirit, to give, not great sermons, but great lives. i was reading recently one of my college course books on biblical preaching. he makes the point, that a pastor's role is not to give a great sermon, but let the bible change him and deliver a great man. i wonder then what is shaping and forming barack obama? what is he meditating on and being mentally intimate with? what is molding and cultivating his platform?

if we rely solely on government to change the state of our nation, we live in a deceived state of humanism. however i want a leader who is governed by the principles, values and spirit of God. i want the kingdom of God and his government to influence the vision, pursuit, legislation and judicial decisions of our government. great speeches won't make that happen. great speeches will draw crowds, but they won't shape history.

it will be curious to see what happens over the next several months. may God give us a righteous leader, full of the Spirit of God and who will lead our nation towards it's destiny and purpose. may God give us great leadership in this hour of church history; men and women who lay down their lives and invest in others. may we grow in the strength of our convictions and demonstrate heightened levels of courage.

until next time....