i should probably write something specific. however, my thoughts are very random today. first and foremost God's goodness to me and my family is really astounding. i'm left speechless. some are probably grateful for that, but as one who likes it seems my greatest way to say thank you is to live a life of generosity towards others. i want to reflect the nature of a good-giving God. it's a challenge at times, but i'm growing. another random thought. i was at the lakeland revival last week. i must say that heather clark has become one of my favorite worship leaders. i can't capture in words what she did and how she led. how do you use words to portray and paint what can only be understood by the heart? it's as if my heart resonated when she would sing and lead worship. she is a lover of God and we all knew it. the question for us at the revival was this, "are you going to love God and pour our affection or simply watch as a spectator?" i chose to join the love boat and sail the ocean waters of grace and goodness. there were a few observations that i had.

1. people will go to great lengths to experience the love of God and see the supernatural raw power of God demonstrated. hungry people will do unexplainable things to get their hunger satisfied.

2. lovers of God are better worship leaders than just talented vocalists and musicians. assuming they have some talent though. i would rather join lovers of God pouring abandoned and set apart hearts on God than a good concert.

3. friends who make you laugh (a lot) are priceless. i am surrounded by men who say to me, "lance, let's do all that's in your heart."

4. ministry is just about impossible without volunteers.

5. signs, wonders and miracles are the children of bridal love with God.

6. we need flexibility built into our ministries and services.

random thought #3. I have been walking in greater realms of joy lately. we all live with powerful prophetic promises. God spoke to me and he said to me, "prophetic words are when i release to you my intentions." we live with promises that reveal God's intentions. many of those intentions have been spoken to me and what i realize is that we all need joy. the joy of God is our strength. if so, then there is a power needing to be tapped by my own laughter. laughter is not the only expression of joy, but it is a expression. joy is a result of knowing that God is bigger than everything else. laughter is like good medicine. so joy is a doctor and he is writing prescriptions for us and it must be taken daily...the joy pill. i encourage you to live a "joyfull" life. joyfull people burn brighter. joyfull are attractive. so i have other thoughts about joy...but i'll save them for later.

random thought #4. i was asked this week, "what is my greatest ambition?" i ask you the same question, "what is your greatest ambition?" what do you burn for? what do you long to see happen? what do you want to change on this side of eternity? what history is waiting to be written, but it needs you to pick up the pen of risk and faith and start writing? my greatest ambition is to answer "how far can someone go in the love of God?" i sense that i am positioned to begin to answer that question. how about you? where are you positioned? do you see the prophetic intentions of God that lie before you wanting to be taken or do you see a land of giants and therefore you are a grasshopper. grasshopper vision does not write history, it sits on the sidelines and wanders in wilderness accusing God of never fulfilling his promises. passivity is a giant that kills dreams. i do not believe that i can strive hard enough to make the dreams come to pass, but i can set my heart in agreement with God's intention for my life . that place of agreement is the intersection of heaven invading earth. ourselves are at the center of this great intersection.

i guess that's all i'll write for now. if you read this blog keep praying for burningones conference in november. it's my first attempt at such an event and i am nervous.

keep burning and until next time.....