i didn't grow up with racism in my home.  i was born in the 70's and there is no denying that in that area of american history racism was alive and rampant.  i did not see it.  not because i had my youthful head in the sand, but because i was raised in a home that did not give place to hate based upon skin.  i lived with the youthful innocence that many live with.  my exposure to racism happened in movies, television, cultural stories, etc.  so by elementary age i was aware of the vitriol that people had for others, but i didn't have it.  so today, i sit in my bed watching america cross a barrier that has been a scar upon our american culture.  i do not agree with barack obama on many fronts.  i would like to sit down with him and discuss these issues.  i can not have a comprehensive opinion of obama based upon 30 second soundbytes.  congratulations america.  congratulations for getting beyond the color of a man's skin.  i am glad that i have witnessed such an event. i am also excited to see someone give a great speech.  i am in the business of leading and giving public presentations.  the success of his campaign hinges upon many factors.  many unseen.  but what is not unseen and what is not deaf to our ears is his ability to inspire, encourage and give hope through a powerful public speech.  as stated before the content of his speech or the values by which he speaks we could debate, but one can not debate his ability to deliver a powerful, moving speech.  i love President Bush and i am grateful to have him as a President.  he is strong, powerful and loves this land of freedom. but we are in a time when we need a national voice to articulate to the world the type of leadership needed for this hour in global history.  so here we are as followers of God, citizens of a heavenly kingdom with a unique opportunity to demonstrate our loyalty to the office of the president demonstrated by our prayers, our encouragement and our honor.  this is not a time to let the "rants of socialism" shape the paradigm spectacles through which we view the world.  no!  this is a time to let hope flow freely like a raging river.  the river of hope runs strongly in our words, our attitudes and in our choices.  i would remind my christian friends and fellow citizens it was joseph in the egyptian kingdom primed for success.  it was daniel in the midst of generational slavery positioned for success.  i am not comparing Obama to pharaoh or nebuchadnezzar, but simply stating that regardless of the choppy waters of our circumstances we can be at peace and release that peace.  a new dawn in american leadership is truly at hand.  a new opportunity exists in front of the body of christ to release honor, faith and courage.  these days may test our mettle, but we welcome the test.  because the test is an opportunity to demonstrate the power of the Kingdom of God.  

these are my random, free flowing thoughts.  God I pray for your mercy on my nation.  I pray for your mercy on the nations of the world.  Encounter our current President and strengthen his resolve.  release to him a tremendous measure of your presence and over his family.  to our President-elect Barack Obama, encounter him as well.  we desire for our leader to be counseled and advised by the Holy Spirit.  surround him with men and women who will hear the voice of God and craft their policy and government values based upon what they hear God saying.  fill him with your Spirit.  visit him in dreams. make him the Godly man that you have designed in your heart.  God Bless America.  God Bless our government leaders, nationa, state and local.

until next time....