I hate cancer!

When I began to type the title of this post, "I hate cancer" I nearly capitalized the 'C" in that ugly and vile 6 letter word. As I typed the "C" I thought, "cancer does not deserve respect from me." I will not give respect to that which is unlawful, illegal and a violent violator to our bodies. I chose to write about this subject because recently, the news cycle has been talking about Elizabeth Edwards and her passing away. I was driving in my car when the news reporter mentioned that she had chosen to no longer take treatment, but live her last remaining days with her family. I acutely recall the day my mom made that same choice. My mother, and I would assume, like Elizabeth Edwards, was confronted with a choice. For my mother it was to die becasue the chemotherapy was killing her or to die because the cancer had spread throughout her body. My mom made a choice for dignity. She made a choice to pass from this life into the next her way, with dignity, fighting and to have loved ones standing by her side. I remind you, I hate cancer. But I won't focus my life and my life's work on the hatred of something, but direct the efforts of my heart towards being a life giving person. In deep devotion and adoration towards those that I love I will live and love fully, richly and with meaning. cancer is the subject of my post, but what is the thing or person you hate? why? whether their violation of your life was intentional or not, don't waste your energy hating, but instead find healing and live your life from now on giving life to others. Give life away by loving fully, being radically generous, taking risks, speaking words of encouragment and choosing to live beyond what seems possible.