While reading Ephesians 3:20 the other day I was struck by the fact that what God does, He does from a place of abundance. Out of his abundance He will do more than I can ask or imagine. Since that moment I have been contemplating how much of His abundance currently influences my thinking, my dreaming, my confessing, my imagining, my realm of pursuing the impossible? Graham Cooke recently said, “We can't start from a place of need, we must start from a place of provision.  We can't start from a place of lack, we must start from a place of abundance.” I recognize that certain areas of my life have as a starting point “lack and need.” I am hungry to know that Jesus is a God who does more than enough.

Imagine yourself needing a $100 for something essential to daily needs. You ask a friend to borrow some money and they say, “How much do you need? Is $50 enough? Do you need more?” You respond with, “No, $50 is not enough. I need more than that.” So your friend says, “How much do you need? Is $150 enough?” To which you answer, “That’s more than enough!”

More than enough! That’s the kind of God we serve. He is a “more than enough” friend, savior and lover. When you have all you need, He is going to give you more. You can not only fulfill your $100 obligation, but suddenly because of the “more” you can do something you may not have thought of. God is a God who gives more than enough. He is a God of abundance. Start your day with your heart keenly aware of and sensitive to the fact that God wants you to see life through the lenses of provision and prosperity.

So what must we do?

  1. Confess to God that we often view life from lack and need.
  2. Declare God’s promises over your life until you believe them.
  3. Change the way you think.
  4. Rejoice! Return to the place of joy because God loves you and will overwhelm you with His kindness.