A Saturday filled with uncertainty

Today is a beautiful Saturday. The breeze is blowing. The sun in shining. The temperature is nice. My 5 year old is shooting hoops while I sit in the shaded garage typing this blog. As I sit here watching him dream, imagine, shoot, block, run and play, my mind for some reason is drawn to that Saturday between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. * How emotional of a day was it? * Were they sitting around rehearsing Jesus’ life? * What were Jesus’ closest friends feeling and thinking? * When they woke up on Saturday morning, had tey really grasped what just happened? * Did Jesus’ mother sleep at all that night? If so was it restful? Did she toss and turn as her mind and spirit grieved the brutality her son endured? * Were the Pharisees angry about the veil, which separated the Holy of Holies from humanity, being ripped from top to bottom? In all of their religious pride and arrogance and their mouths been shut by the acts of God? * After the earthquake and the violent shaking of the temple, did they regret their decision to crucify Jesus? * Were they offended? * Was the unusual weather and natural disaster just coincidence in their mind? * Did the disciples feel lost, without hope, confused and aimless?

I have more questions that I could probably post, but it could not have been a normal Saturday! I am not sure anything is normal after you encounter the love of God and give three years of your life following Jesus. But as normal days go in the life of Jesus, this particular Saturday must have been gut wrenching.

There have been many national disasters in my life, but none more prominent and nation changing than September 11, 2001. I remember being glued to the television looking for hope. I was wondering what our President and his Cabinet were doing. Was there another attack coming? How were families dealing with this sudden catastrophe? Thousands of miles away, in my city, I felt confused, angry and sad.

Today, I’m curious if the disciples felt similar emotions on that unusual Saturday.

That stiking moment in history, that volatile and emotional Saturday, could have been the “hanging in the balance” day. How do we move forward? Afterall Jesus is dead. The disciples remember him speaking of resurrection and a rebuilding of the temple in 3 days, but I wonder if their emotions were saying something contrary to what they believed?

I wonder if Peter went fishing because there was really nothing else to do?

They had been hiding for fear of the Jews. They were afraid. I would be.

So, here I sit. Typing. Thinking. Interjecting myself in the sacred text.

What would I have done? What would I have felt? How would I have responded? What would you have done? What would you have felt? How would you have responded?

Let us live this Saturday with hope and with joy. While the disciples, the followers of Jesus and maybe the entire Jewish community were uncertain about their Saturday, we do not have to be uncertain about ours. The certainty of His goodness is as strong as the reality of His resurrection.

To Close: First, the resurrection is not only a historical fact, but it is the central piece to our faith. If there is no resurrected Christ, then we have no Christianity.

Second, do not view the disciples as men and women removed from emotion and despair. They were men and women just like us. Let their emotion, their story, their perspective help you discover something of God’s heart that was being revealed that Uncertain Saturday.

Third, when you feel lost, when you feel confused, when you feel dismayed....take comfort that you are not alone. Resurrection day is coming and you too will experience a newness of life.