This should be true: LIFE > BUSYNESS.  

What I think is too often true:


Which is true for you?  I hope it's the first one.  My heart wants it to the first one, but in reality, many days, it's the second one.  I lose sight of the little things that bring so much pleasure.  I don't hear the laughter of my 5 year old playing with his cars and trains.  I would rather rush through the Kindergarten homework and watch tv, instead of valuing the awe inspiring development of his brain.  I would rather him write his "G's" better and faster instead of stopping, looking at his eyes, watching his little hands and recognizing something Divine is happening.  The "divine happening" is his development and his putting in place the building blocks that will position him to be successful.  The building blocks are more than writing a "G" correctly, but the building blocks are those of self confidence, effort, faith in one's self, partnership with others, taking risk in a loving environment, learning and valuing education.  Those kind of building blocks will serve my son for many, many years.

Life is full of grace filled & joy saturated moments.  Am I too busy to see them or hear them?  Am I too busy with my preconceived idea of how something should be or ought to be?  Am I so blind I can't see what is and will be?  We all have our agendas, list of priorities and things to get done.  And I would guess those lists are important.  They also serve as blinders to the small and priceless treasures scattered throughout our day.  Another treasure I sometimes overlook [because I'm driven by a schedule] is the need my daughter and son have for a "morning hug" from their dad.  They have a need to be nurtured, loved, cared for and experience the feeling of connection and safety.  Busyness - it's a dust storm of urgency covering up the treasures scattered through our minutes, hours, days and weeks.

This is not a new problem.  It's not a small problem.  It's a humanity problem and happens to various degrees and levels. Take for example John 1:14, "The Word [Jesus]  became flesh and made his dwelling among us.  We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth."  We need grace & truth. Sometimes it feels as if it comes from God directly.  At other times Jesus' grace & truth looks like, sounds like and acts like our spouse or loved ones.  What I know is this, as I read John 1:1-14 Jesus is life.  Everthing comes from him. His life is compared to light and when it entered the world darkness did not understand it (v. 5).  Not noly that darkness did not overcome it (v.5).  Darkness is another word for understanding.  Thirdly, darkness did not recognize it (v.10).  That sounds like my life and the treasures I often overlook.  I don't understand them, I am overcome by them or I do not recognize them.  As such, I miss the moments in my day when Jesus is seeking to show me his glory, a glory described as "full of grace and truth."  

Friends, the old saying is, "Stop and smell the roses."  Don't let busyness corrupt your ability to see the handiwork of God done to us, for us and through us.  There is great pleasure and spiritual nutrition when we slow down and experience God.  Ask Him to help you recognize him in every situation.  Ask God to help you overcome what ails you by his power and love.  Ask God help you understand what is happening in every circumstance.  There's no telling what might happen.  While you are trying to write your "G's" God is putting in your life a building block necessary for your sucess and prosperity.


Until next time....

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