Voice of Apostles 2014 - Summary

My wife and I recently attended Voice of the Apostles hosted by Global Awakening. It was my first time to attend a Global Awakening event. I went because I admire many of the speakers, I long to know God more and I lead a church in West Haven, Connecticut and I am looking for wisdom and insight on how to do that better. Here are my “take-a-ways” from each session.

August 11, 2014
Monday Night Speaker: Bill Johnson        

  • The revelation of one truth does not cancel another truth. They define one another.        
  • We are to be planted in the system for change.        
  • Wisdom enables us to reign in life. We reign with the heart of a servant, serve with the heart of a king.        
  • We need to approach our communities and cities as people of hope.        
  • You are relevant when you role model what society longs to become.        
  • Wisdom is the capacity to do life well. It’s the ability to triumph in tragedy and low in success.        
  • Christians want to know how to get to heaven faster, God wants to change the planet.

August 12, 2014
Tuesday Morning Speaker: Will Hart        

  • Jesus calls the disciples to do something great in the job they have always done.        
  • Jesus did not call the disciples to him, but he came to them and demonstrated the supernatural in their area of expertise.        
  • Our vision has to be bigger than our capacity to do it, carry it or fulfill it.        
  • Let’s run hard for God and not apologize for it.

August 12, 2014
Tuesday Night Speaker: Bishop Joseph Garlington        

  • The steps of a man are order of God, so are a man’s STOPS.        
  • There are moments in life that will require you to find your voice.        
  • It’s important to know why you are shouting.        
  • Heaven ROARS.        

- as a side note Bishop Garlington was very entertaining. He is funny, a great singer and a great communicator of truth.

August 13, 2014
Wednesday Morning Speaker: Bill Johnson        

  • If you forsake the concept of family, you have forsaken the concept of the Kingdom.        
  • CEO’s can be replaced, but fathers can’t.        
  • We serve for the purpose of ushering other’s into their greatness.        
  • Passionless leaders can be a cause for other leaders to fail.        
  • The Kingdom of God is in the Holy Spirit.        
  • When the disciples argued about greatness, Jesus did not rebuke them for their desire, but redirected them and altered their understanding of greatness.        
  • When you understand who you are, you don’t want to be anyone else.

August 13, 2014
Wednesday Night Speaker: Heidi Baker        

  • Love like Jesus. At all costs….love like Jesus.        
  • Experience the love of Jesus so you can lead others into.        
  • Don’t give up.        
  • Find your hope in God.        
  • Courage is found in the secret place of God.        
  • Stop for the One. It’s not a cliche, but a lifestyle.

August 14, 2014
Thursday Morning Speaker: Claudio Freidzon        

  • The presence of Holy Spirit is the key to awakening. He must lead.        
  • Don’t settle. Always go towards God.        
  • The transformation process runs next to the presence of God and the word of God.        
  • Transformation doesn’t happen alone.        
  • Transformation means you can conquer any fear you have.        
  • Fear paralyzes you.        
  • Holy Spirit moves you.        
  • Transformation is led by obedience.        
  • You have to believe that what God has for you is better than what you left.

August 14, 2014
Thursday Night Speaker: Rodney Howard Browne        

  • The fire of God purifies        
  • The church needs the fire of God for the purpose of leading.

August 15, 2014
Friday Morning Speaker: Randy Clark        

  • The concept of impartation is throughout the bible.        
  • We need impartation from God, through others, to fulfill our assignment.        
  • Impartation is a radical transference of gifting and anointing.        
  • He told stories about Heidi **** & Leif *****. Two people who were burned out until they received an impartation. Since then Heidi has planted a 1,000 churches and Leif has led 1 million muslims to Christ.        
  • They did an impartation service and prayed for people.

There were sessions during the afternoons, but I didn’t take many notes. There are also sessions going on Friday night, but I was not able to attend those. There were hundreds of people healed. I thank God and Gateway (the church lead) for the opportunity to go, be encouraged and refreshed. Thanks also to the friends that help make this trip possible.

Until next time…..keep your hopes up!