It's a Wednesday night and I'm sitting in my office; just 15-20 feet from our worship center. One of the things I love about working on Wednesday evenings is that I get to listen to the sound of passionate worship and faith-filled praying. The "boom" of the drums and bass resonate as if a herd of elephants were running through. I hope that "booming" sound causes hell to tremble and heaven to celebrate. Maybe angels are dancing in rhythm. The vocals are piercing the airwaves and ringing out with a love so rich and thick, as if you have been slimed by God's goodness. And that's the point - a life covered with Christ's goodness. 

I looked up the word horsepower. It's an interesting word. It's defined as, "work done over time. The exact definition of one horsepower is 33,000 lb.ft./minute. Put another way, if you were to lift 33,000 pounds one foot over a period of one minute, you would have been working at the rate of one horsepower."[1]

When I think of Wednesday night service, I think of the thousands of faithful people, who have attended week after week; praying, worshiping and believing for great things. Darlene and I stand on your prayers. Thank you for not quitting and not giving up! I believe that Wednesday night worship and prayer is where much of our "horsepower" is generated as a church. It's a 90-minute worship and prayer fest, with a group of passionate and hungry people. In our obedient and loving effort to build Christ's kingdom in each life, each marriage, each person, we are so in need of the "raw horsepower" of unadulterated worship and prayer. Our supreme value as a family is hosting the presence of God. It is to behold Him and gaze upon His beauty. After all, one of those two will be the eternal position of every saint. Prayer is the gift on this side of heaven; to commune with God, to be formed by Him and to legislate the affairs of heaven on earth. Worship is the never-ending gift that derives from the majestic beauty of a loving Father. 

God glorify Gateway so that Gateway may glorify you. Be glorified in us, through us, by us - FOREVER!

I know that all of my Gateway family can't come on Wednesdays because of family commitments, distance, etc. You are missed!  But, know that we are praying for you, for this great house, for our bright future and for New England to experience the satisfying glory of God.


[1] What is Horsepower? - WebCars!


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