Is Slow the New Fast?

Why are we in such a hurry? The more honest question is - "Why am I in such a hurry?"

Do I believe that my life lived at a slower pace, can be as rich and as full as if lived at a break neck pace? 

Do I believe that I will regret not living harder and faster?

Do I believe that God needs me to live at a break neck speed in order to build His kingdom?

Is it possible that living at a break neck pace is actually a symptom of unbelief?

Is it possible that I will go through life so quickly, that when I arrive at the illusory destination, I will arrive deplete of what I need to enjoy my destination?

But Lance, the world is moving faster because of technology, real time news, global communication and connection.  Ok.  I can't deny that.  

If Jesus' kingdom is counter-intuitive to the systems of the world, then do I want the "world and it's systems" determining the pace of my life? 

If the Kingdom of God is an upside down Kingdom (maybe it's actually a right side up Kingdom and we live in an upside down world -- to say it's an upside down Kingdom is to imply the world is right side up and I don't think the teachings of Jesus will support that idea 😉 ) then shouldn't slow be the new fast?

Lance Bane1 Comment