A Note to My Gateway Family...

Hello Gateway Family and Friends,

In the recent weeks, we have seen a historic storm drop over fifty inches of rain in the 4th largest city in America - Houston and all along the coastline of Texas and Louisiana. Gateway has donated financially to help those affected find safety, shelter, receive necessary supplies, think about rebuilding and experience hope and love from faithful volunteers. Here we are again with another large hurricane - Irma; churning across the Atlantic. If we look at the hurricane's projected path, within the cone of possibility, we find several islands; most notably Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba. If Hurricane Irma remains true to her projected path she will make a landfall in the United States with memorable force and devastation.

I'm writing not to give you a weather update, but to say to our church family, many of whom are from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic and Jamaica (outside the hurricane's projected path), we are praying for you and your families. We are a beautiful and diverse family and when one of us is impacted, we are all impacted. Please know we stand with you and if we can do anything for you, please ask. I will work with Pastor Angel Sanchez, our pastor who oversees our Missions department and look for ways to give financially to those who will be affected by Hurricane Irma, should she make a landfall in the United States.

I can only imagine what some of you may be experiencing as you prayerfully watch Hurricane Irma. However, let's not passively wait, but assertively in prayer, declare an end to this storm. Let's proclaim a safer course of direction; one that sends Hurricane Irma into the Atlantic, with little damage and zero loss of life.

In this hour, we are commanded to arise and shine. We will do so by praying. We will do so by standing together. We will do so by giving financially.

Standing with you,

Lance Bane
Lead Pastor

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