Episode 2: 10 Keys to Preaching

Sharing the most important message to the human soul, to society, to the hurting and to the proud, demands that we do so humbly, effectively and powerfully. Here are 10 keys to help you preach and improve your communication.  

  1. Glorify God: Preach with a love for God, so that your passion to talk about Him and His greatness comes through.

  2. Love People: Preach with a love for people that is expressed with a desire to help people heal, grow, produce and reproduce.

  3. Credibility: We need to live the message so there is credibility and residue of scars and smiles.

  4. Prayer: Birth your messages from the secret place of prayer so that your messages are more filled with God’s presence, than with clever and witty illustrations.

  5. Live in the word: It’s important that our own lives are being touched by truth so that we can role model what we are communicating.

  6. Live aware: Being culturally relevant is important because we are sharing the gospel of the Kingdom, which wants to deconstruct the effects of the Spirit of the age and awaken us to integrity, holiness and living with power and love.

  7. Anointing: Preach with the residue of God on your message, more than the residue of cultural relevance.

  8. Learning: Make sure you are observant, a reader of books and articles, listening to helpful podcasts, practicing life-giving rhythms and receiving constructive feedback.

  9. Gifting: Know what size audience you can carry and how God has gifted you to communicate.

  10. Process: We are living the message as we are preaching the message. So don’t be afraid of appropriate transparency so that you are demonstrating the joy of becoming like Christ.

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