Episode 32: Doing Leadership as Family - Part 6

In Episode 32, Lance talks about how doing leadership as family serves people by helping them in times of growth and maturation. Highlighting ten areas where we can help others in the maturing process, Lance encourages us to not avoid this role as leaders and shepherds, but actually embrace it with humility and confidence.

10 Ways to Help Others Mature (based on Romans 5:1-5)

  1. Help others understand about justification. (v. 1)

  2. Help others experience peace. (v. 1)

  3. Help others trust the grace they stand in. (v. 2)

  4. Help others boast in the hope of the glory of God. (v. 2)

  5. Help others rejoice in suffering (because of 1-4) (v.3)

  6. Help others persevere with vision and hope. (v.3)

  7. Help others grow in character through repentance and truth. (v.4)

  8. Help others harvest hope, not shame. (v.5)

  9. Help others receive the out pouring of God’s love. (v.5)

  10. Help others live with Holy Spirit. (v.5)


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