Episode 35: Empowering Leadership - Part 1

It’s important that we train and empower people who produce positive change through their purpose and passion. In this podcast, Lance offers us some insight into the 5 layers needed to help us build an empowering culture.


The 5 Layers of Empowering Leadership:

  1. I do it. I witness the work before I ask someone to witness the work.

  2. I do it. They watch.

  3. They do it. I watch.

  4. They do it.

  5. They do it. A new person watches.

Layer #1 - I do it.

Steve Backlund writes in his book, “A Culture of Empowerment” - “One of our main missions in life is to empower others to become what they never thought they would become. We are called to be influencers.”

A. Who am I? (Deliberation) - 5 Steps to Identify Who You Are:

  1. Identify disempowering beliefs about yourself.

  2. “When we say negative things about ourselves and believe that we don’t have what it takes to succeed in life, we actually disempower ourselves in respect to our purpose and passions.” — Michael Brodeur

  3. Pay attention to what you usually say. Become a student of your words.

  4. Acknowledge historical disempowering and painful moments — we are usually innocent of the wounds we experience as a child and those wounds shape our trajectory into adulthood. These often show up as repeated cycles.

  5. Clarify what you complain about that stops you from living a life of increased growth and abundance?

  6. Self worth affects our quality of life. What does the crucifixion say about God’s love for you and your value to Him?

  7. Secondary resources: The Bible, Passions/Desires, Experiences

B. Am I ready? (Preparation) - 6 Questions to Leverage Opportunity

  1. Am I sure? — Priority

  2. Am I clear? — Profit

  3. Am I prepared? — Plan

  4. Am I competent? — Possible

  5. Am I learning? — Adjustment

  6. Am I dependent? — Presence of God

Suze Orman says, “The key to being a good mentor is to help people become more of who they already are — not to make them more like you.”

C. How do I do it? (Application) - 8 Practical Suggestions for Follow Through

  1. Remember, rehearse and verbalize the “why”.

  2. Have a way to learn as you do it and grow.

  3. Reflect and write through the process so you can document what’s working and what isn’t.

  4. Slow down to become. Take time. Embrace quiet.

  5. Laugh and play. Celebration is the oil we need in working with people.

  6. Schedule.

  7. Have a deadline.

  8. Invite someone to join you.

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