Episode 41: Moving People Forward - Part 3

Moving people forward requires a learning environment. But what exactly is that? In this podcast, Lance shares with us the first necessity of a learning environment - a coaching environment.


My forward movement helps others move forward. Our leadership is contagious. What are people getting? Is it something passionate, helpful, challenging and clear? Are they getting something impractical, illusory, angry or lethargic?

Ryder Carroll writes in his book, The Bullet Journal Method, “Our efforts are always fueled by some promise.” [2]

Helping people move forward is fueled by:

  1. A threat of something dangerous.

  2. A promise of something greater.

  3. An opportunity to fulfill purpose with passion.

We want to serve people. How? By creating an environment where people can clearly and proactively take steps that are in cooperation with God’s Spirit and purpose.

“And the Lord—who is the Spirit—makes us more and more like him as we are changed into his glorious image.” - 2 Corinthians 3:18

So, what kind of environment best serves the Spirit inspired change and growth? - Coaching, Caring, Celebrating, Contributing and Challenging

Coaching Environment

  1. Listening — “Deep listening does not require elaborate techniques, tools or high tech devices. It just needs you.” [1] You are enough.

    • Distractions: There are many distractions that fight against authentic listening.

    • Listening sends the right messages.

      • You are important.

      • You are worth of my time.

      • I want to help you.

    • Listening is not….

      • Guessing or assuming

      • Blaming others

      • Mind reading

      • Finishing other’s sentences before them, even if not spoken and done in your mind.

      • Solving another person’s problem.

    • Types of listeners

      • MIA listener

      • Chatty listener

      • Judge Judy listener

      • Hollywood listener

      • Horizon listener

  2. Asking good questions

    • Closed questions

    • Open ended questions

    • Questions that connect to Holy Spirit’s purpose

      • What is the most amazing thing you have seen God do since we last met? (The purpose of this question is to help us live more aware of what God is doing and not focus on what He isn’t doing.)

      • What are you reading in the bible and how is it shaping the way you think? (The purpose of this question is to utilize scriptures and other resources to develop the mind of Christ, to live with a renewed mind so that our lives are shaped by God’s word and Spirit.)

      • Have you prayed with anyone outside your normal circle of friends and family? (The purpose of this questions is to develop a lifestyle where I live “on mission” no matter where I am or what time of day it is. I am “on call” for God ready to love and serve at a moment’s notice.)

      • What is the most significant spiritual realization that you are stewarding right now? (The purpose of this question is to know what season we are in so we can wholeheartedly give ourselves to it.)

      • With whom can I share the answer to question 4? (The purpose of this question is so that my lifestyle and testimony can be a source of courage and breakthrough for another.)

  3. Goals, Systems and Accountability

    • What system do you need in place to help you achieve your goals

      • Conversational goals

      • SMART goals

        • Specific - Can you state specifically what you are going to do?

        • Measurable - How can you quantify so we will know when you have achieved it?

        • Attainable - Is it within your capability and does it depend on you?

        • Relevant - Do you care enough about this goal to make it a priority?

        • Time Specific - By when will your goal be achieved


[1] Deep Listening by Oscar Trimboli
[2] How to Bullet Journal by Ryder Carroll


Music - Pumpkin Spice by Audiobinger -- freemusicarchive.org

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