Episode 8: The Curiosity of Love

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A curious love opens our eyes so that we see beyond our own lives and beyond our zip code. One way we demonstrate curious love is by asking good questions. In this podcast, let’s take a look at how to lead well as we help others grow.

Why Ask Questions:

  1. Questions help people learn without teaching.  

  2. Questions help people focus forward.

  3. Questions help people discover motivation, information and application.

  4. Questions help people draw from their own knowledge, life experience, ideas and wisdom.

Mistakes when asking questions:

  1. Asking Closed Questions.

  2. Asking Solution Oriented Questions.

  3. Seeking the “Million Dollar Question”.

  4. Asking Rambling Questions.

Suggestions for growth:

  1. Write down questions.

  2. Evaluate the questions.

  3. Adjust the questions.

  4. Practice with your closest families and friends.

  5. Keep practicing.

  6. Listen for good questions when watching TV shows and listening to speakers.

  7. Write down good questions.

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