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confrontation that connects hearts

Conversation Structure for Restoring Trust and Empowering Relationships


40-Day guided prayer journey

For over 20 years, I have struggled to develop and maintain a consistent prayer life. I deeply admire those to whom prayer comes easily and those who spend time consistently praying. Over time and with practice, I formed a prayer model for myself - a five step model of short, simple and spirt-led prayers.


7-Day negativity fast

In Isaiah 58, God identifies and describes a kind of fast that is pleasing to Him. We often call it a Negativity Fast. Join me in this 7-day Negativity Fast, so that we will not walk with the counsel of the ungodly, nor stand and be influenced by sinners, nor sit with mockers and cynics. Instead, we will delight in God’s word, meditate on His promises and live as life-giving followers of Jesus, altering our world around us because we are planted by rivers of living water.


faith without a filter 5-day devotional

Jesus came to rescue, to love and draw us close to God. In the New Testament there are four words that describe this relationship. They are prepositions, connecting words that identify the relationship between two objects. They are “with”, “like”, “for” and “in”.


destiny to reality plan

The Destiny to Reality Plan will help you take meaningful steps to engage in a process that will help make your destiny a reality.


spirit life

Spirit Life are short scriptural video exhortations hoping to inspire others to study the Bible, meditate on God's word and know Jesus better.