Living as the Beloved

11 Years Old and Lost in the Jungle

I was a loner in my childhood years and the reality of living in a new jungle surrounded by "the locals", simply reinforced my emotional isolation. It was where I felt the safest. One day, as I was exploring this jungle on my bike, the doubts I had about this new dense, dark place, and the dangers that loomed hidden, were validated as truths.

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When the Ordinary becomes Sacred

I realized how much I love our parking lot. Weird, huh? I mean, I think it's kind of weird. It's not the nicest parking lot. It's not the prettiest parking lot. It's not the most well-kept parking lot either. So why do I love our parking lot?

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The Way of Wisdom

Genesis 1:28-30 describes to us that intellect is meant to help us explore the unfathomable riches of God and to harness His wisdom through human expression for life-giving stewardship, leadership and governance.

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