called to write

I went to "The Call" in Nashville in July. On the way home, at the Nashville airport I run into a national prophetic voice. I had never met this person, but I knew who they were by face and reading some of their books. I introduced myself and just wanted to thank them for their service to the kingdom. Ends up, they wanted to chat. Needless to say in the midst of the conversation they ask me, "do you write?" I said, "no." They then said, as they leaned in closer to my face, "maybe you should think about it." Now considering the source I received it as a strong prophetic word. So what have I done since July 8th....nothing. I contemplated a blog. I thought about a blog. I read other blogs and measure mine as less than quality in comparison. Less than two weeks after I returned home a trusted friend shares with me that they see me as "writing books." OK, I get the point Abba. You want me to write. I do not like to write, but give me a grace for it. Release to me an impartation for creative and anointed writing.

The previous encounters are a big reason why I am blogging today.

I have a tendency to make the blog a personal online journal. I do not like that because writing in a journal is therapeutic. It's a place for me to be real, raw and transparent. There's no fear of judgment when I am the only one reading it. I will let my legacy and history judge my journal and my life. I most often write my journal as if I am writing to God or to my kids. I want them to know of my journal and the struggles I had. I also want them to celebrate with me.

So what does all that have to do with this site....just trying to honor the word that I got. I am doing something. It's not the fullness of the word, but perhaps God will act on when I take a step and move forward. I do not know if many others will read this or even care, but it is not for them as much as it is for me to be disciplined to write.

So until next time....

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