i was reading a friend's blog and he was talking about waiting versus leaving. good subject. thanks preston for posting it. it has caused me to think about my own position and what God is doing in me. there are times when i think about leaving. who doesn't think that? there are times when i think about staying. how do you balance the tension? i feel like the man who walks on the high wire with a 20 foot pole used for balancing. on one end of my pole is the truth that i can't allow myself to get too comfortable in my "staying". on the other end of the pole is the truth that i can't let fear keep me from leaving.

thus the balancing act. one in which i do not balance well.

i find that i get confused. i over analyze. i hear mentors say, don't move until you are led by the Spirit. i have others who say, God will not move until you move. what? why such conflicting positions?

it's easy to be paralyzed by the unknown. it's easy to complicate the process and journey that one has with God.

i hear andy stanley in my head. "less is more." "simple is better."

okay, i'm trying to get it.

anyone else struggle with this balancing act?