things i learned when...

over the weekend i installed ceramic tile and a new toilet in my kids bathroom. it was my first endeavor on laying ceramic tile. here's what i learned about life....

1. life is not always square
*is it not true that when you think things are going smoothly suddenly life is no longer square and you have to make some odd adjustments. the unrenewed mind rarely comprehends the unusual "cuts" that must be made in life. the goal is to renew the mind so that any "cut" is possible and reasonable. God knows where he is leading me, he just doesn't feel me in until he thinks it's necessary. there is realm of revelation that i need.

2. projects are better when done with others.
*a good friend of mine helped me out. the project went faster than i had expected. the company was more enjoyable. i was less frustrated at myself for knowing that i don't know what i'm doing. i had another set eyes looking at the process, problems and solutions. plus, we laughed and talked about the kingdom.

3. preparation is as important as skill.
*i have a tendency to jump into projects and not count the cost. didn't Jesus say something about that? after starting projects and making more trips to the home improvement store that i care to recount, i learned to prepare so once i'm in the project i can focus on the project and not what i'm forgetting. much is life, that if i know God is wanting to work on something, i should count the cost and prepare so that i can give my full attention to living a life that's in agreement with the Holy Spirit.

4. the right tools matter.
*one of the joys of doing this project was the use of my brother's wet saw. this thing was a work of art and a beautiful piece of machinery. it cut down on our work load. increased our efficiency. we not only had the wet saw but many other tools that we needed. in life, the right tools matter. what are the tools you have which are what marcus buckingham calls your "strengths." do you use them? what are the "tools" that you have not discovered yet, but they lie hidden in your spiritual tool bag? in the project of life, the right "tools" matter.

one more....

5. Laying tile is easier when I call someone who has already done it.
*so my brother laid 400 sq ft. of tile in his house. my project was about 30 sq. ft. so what did i do when i was preparing for the project? i called him. often. i must have called him 10-15 times. what kind of grout do it get? what kind of trowel do i get? how big? etc. etc. etc. there are places in my journey with God that i want to get. i want to, as Jesus said in matthew 10, "heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers and cast out demons." i do not always get breakthrough. i know some who do though. so i ask them, "what's your lifestyle? how are you doing these amazing things?" there are people who have done, what i am just attempting. i can make it easier on myself by receiving their inheritance and benefit from their pioneering labor.

i will write down the other things i learned tomorrow. until next time....


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