back in the saddle

i'm back.

it was a great time of relaxing and resting with my wife, Darlene. we saw beautiful scenery, visited some great friends and enjoyed a great conference.

here are the highlights:

> Blake and Bonnie are doing very well. We found out they are going to be parents.
> i still think in'n'out burgers are overrated.
> there's not a great place to eat in fortuna, california
> the drive down "the avenue of the giants" was very cool. basically we drove through the redwood forest.
> we met an elderly man in his 70's at lunch. he sat at our table and encouraged. he has two sons who are pastors, a grandson who is pursuing ministry. all of his family is serving God and working to the benefit of others. i want a legacy like that.
> clif bars are my favorite new snack
> freedom is managing choices
> everyone needs a jonathan, a nathan and an armor bearer
> "grasshopper" vision does not serve anyone well (numbers 13)
> kingdom of God is at war with fear
> "train a child in the way they should go..." and make sure they go POWERFULLY
> "people without vision perish, dreams without courage die." Rosa Parks
> trying to protect rules = religion. trying to protect relationships = LOVE

....and finally....

> "fairy stories are not so much a journey into enchanted forests, but a journey into our own soul." Tolkien

more coming later.

- lance