there are many things i would like to say about what i am experiencing and feeling, but the nature of this format will not allow me to do that. God has me in a very uncomfortable position. many things seem to be out of control. i know that's an exaggeration, however, there are things going on in my family and in my work that are stretching me. what's ironic, is that i know there is more room to be stretched. i am not close to the breaking point....yet.

the Lord is good. His ways are good. i need to get to my "inner room" and re-evaluate purposes, strengths, gifting and desires.

i've typed several sentences and "erased" all of them. this blog is a bit to introspective for my own spiritual health.

let's see.............
my family is healthy.
my marriage is good.
i am financially stable.

life really is pretty good.

what i do feel is lonely at times. there are issues that i would like to discuss, but with whom? i have friends, but the nature of these issues are sensitive enough that i have to be very selective. i need some good counsel.

until next time....