a buffet of thoughts

ok, this is going to be a very random post. i wanted to capture many of the thoughts that i felt like God has been speaking to me. i hope some of these encourage you.

1. CEO - i am called to be a CEO, the Chief Encouragement Officer
2. Resting in God is a key to intimacy. I must no longer strive in the flesh for what can only be obtained in the Spirit.
3. Keep dreaming. The graveyard of fallen dreams is full enough. I don't want a tombstone that says, "here lies the unfulfilled dreams of lance bane. God had more for him than he could believe."
4. Parenting teenagers is hard, but completely satisfying.
5. Sometimes I want false comfort. It feels satisfactory on the front, but in the end it will cost me more than I wanted to pay. Endure difficulty with joy. Let laughter be the fuel for my journey through the asteroid storm called "life."
6. If I want to do some"thing" for God I must make my life about "one thing."
7. Leadership is about seeing the greatness in people and getting them to see it as well.
8. I can't leapfrog over disappointment expecting to find a pot of gold. If I do not process the disappointment it is a hidden cancer that will strike at me again.
9. Paul says that training is useful for those who compete in the games. I need training to get me into shape.
10. Feeding on God energizes me to believe that "impossible is nothing."
11. I am living in a kingdom that can not be shaken. So how do I get more of the unshakable kingdom into my shakable self.
12. Joy is my strength to the supernatural and peace is my stabilizing force so i am not moved by the wind of circumstances and tragedy.
13. Integrity is measured by the distance between your lips and your life.

That's enough for now.

Until next time....