trying to write.....again

I have booked from 10 am until 4 today for writing. i have not worked on my book yet and it's after 1 pm. however, i have gotten some good things done. i have put together a few projects with some objectives and tasks. i downloaded a new "onething" cd. loving that right now! i have done a bit of research and so i am now ready to work on my book.

i am not sure how you write a book. i am approaching it as a very extended and long research paper. i am gathering sources, thoughts, quotes, stories and general research. i thought of a pastor today who has written several books and thought, "he probably has several research assistants who do some work for him. i have, well, ME."

so off to brainstorming and writing.

i will leave you with this good quote, "Take courage. Offer your sufferings unceasingly to Him. Ask for strength to endure them. Above all, make it a habit to converse often with Him and forget Him as little as you are able. Worship Him in your infirmities and present them to Him from time to time as an offering of sacrifice. In the worst of your pains ask Him humbly and lovingly, as a child would ask his loving father, for conformity to His holy will and for the help of His grace. I will help you in this through my prayers, poor and weak though they may be.”

Brother Lawrence in a letter to a friend, November 1690