love what i do

there are times where i don't like what i do. i guess to be more honest, i love what i do, but there are parts of my job that are difficult.

tonight was a time where i love what i do. i love motivating people to live for a cause that is bigger than our imagination. i love grabbing a generation and speaking the purposes of God in their lives. they are waiting to be challenged. they are wet clay waiting to be shaped. it is an honor beyond description to share with students thoughts and truths that can help them view the world from a biblical perspective.

i discussed tonight the conclusion to our "do something" thought. you can only do some "thing" if you make your life about "one thing." Psalm 27.4 says, "this one thing I ask, this one thing I seek, that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life." my single confession should be the greatness of His presence. My sole pursuit should be an intimate lifestyle with God. being a husband, being a father, being a leader are all contained in my identity as a son of God. intimacy with God is the envelope that carries all other roles and hats.

anyway....i am kind of ranting, but I am feeling good. i am excited about my day. i got pruned, but it was for my benefit. i keep looking at the things that are cut from my life (while they lay are the ground losing their evidence life - similar to a cut tree branch) then i live discouraged and frustrated. instead i need to look at the picture of a tree who produces more rich, sweet and tasty fruit. It's not because of the water or sunlight only, but because I am willing to be pruned.

to God be the glory.

until next time....