light vs. darknenss

You know, as i do, that when we turn on a light there is not great argument or wrestling match between the two forces. the power switch is turned on, the filament in the bulb begins to glow and light displaces darkness. i am grateful for that. how many of you have stubbed a toe while walking in a dark room?

even in the midst of darkness though, God has created the human eye to grab any light that may be in the room to help us see. we may see dimly in a darkened room, but we see. somehow there is a discernment that we must live with. that even in the midst of a dark environment, my workplace, my family, my personal condition, etc. i can still discern light and therefore i begin to "see" more clearly. it may be a dim perspective, but it is one. i do not propose that this idea of seeing dimly is the apex of spiritual intimacy and purpose, but simply to state that when life is dark around us, what speck of light is there that is wanting to help us see?

jesus is the light of the world. he helps people see while they are in dark places. he helps me see when i am in a dark place. part of what i see is the need to confess. sometimes what is i see is the need to love. sometimes what i see is the need to be still and be quiet. sometimes what i see is the need to encourage. sometimes what i get the point. jesus wants us to be able to see in dark places. it's obviously not the same as walking in the light, but i think it's dangerous to discount any light, because it's not the fullness of light.

how often have we judged someone, when what they really needed was love and forgiveness? how often have we ridiculed when we needed to just listen and care? to judge and ridicule is to discount the fact that some light may exist. all people have treasure. it may be hidden deep beneath lies, deception, wounds or self-promotion, but they have it. God created everyone with treasure. HE is the light of the world.

But let me ask you this question. Are we not also the light of the world? How are we displaying the light of the world so that others in dark situations have enough light to see in the midst of their darkness? I think it's possible that you are the letter of God that is being written to humanity and to your world. Paul uses this illustration in some of his letters.

I guess this thought comes up to me, because i know that the enemy loves to live in darkness. i know the dark areas of my heart that need exposure to light. rather than feeling discouraged and the believing that no light exists, i need to look more closely and allow myself to see more dimly. if i see dimly, it will propel me to see more fully. where is the light switch? hard to see in utter darkness, but findable if light is present.

we are powerful people, who need a powerful gospel. we need powerful friends and a powerful community. powerless people look for excuses as to not be powerful. powerful people, who at this may moment may not be strong, are strong because they recognize they need God's power. let us embrace the activity of light in our life. stay encouraged and even if you are only seeing dimly, you are still able to see. let it lead you to a source of great intimacy with God and see the light get brighter.

until next time....