sometimes i'm not sure of the purpose for blogging. is it my journal? am i to dispense information and thoughts? do i ask questions about other things?

part of my misunderstanding of the blogging world is because of how many blogs i read and how different they are. i know, i know, there is not absolute law as to how one blogs or what they write about. just confessing my misunderstanding. part of this comes up because i was wanting to know.....

does anyone have a "kindle?" it's the new reader by amazon. it will hold a couple of hundred books, download articles, etc. it seems very cool and handy. pricey, but pretty cool. i was just wondering if there was any buzz out there.

anyone have a thought about the "kindle" they would like to share?

if you are not familiar with the kindle here is a link for you:

until next time....

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