i love learning. i did not do well in college. why? because i was immature. i couldn't handle my freedom. i like what a friend of mine says, "freedom is about managing choices." maturity is about making the right choices and honoring the relationship i have with myself, my family, my finances, my destiny, etc.

but back to learning. i love reading articles, blogs and various news sites. i confess i visit drudgereport.com about 5-6 times a day. i am a news junkie. i listen to talk radio when i can. any kind. i watch c-span and boring committee meetings about useless things to my day to day living.

i love learning because i value intellect. i do not value it over faith, but i want to be known as smart. why is that important to me? am i trying to validate a bad college experience?

my wife is brilliant as well as my 3 kids. i better learn or i'll be the "dumb" one in my family.

i also waste a lot of paper in my reading and learning. i print articles and read them. i would rather have a hard copy in my hand and not read it on my computer screen. you never know, i might want to write on it, or jot down a question.

so all in all, i love learning and asking questions. i think it's biblical? jesus asked many questions? he was smart.

until a more intellectual next time....