in honor of....

if you are like me you have noticed the many "pink" events going on, or the "pink" items for sale. it's breast cancer awareness month. you may be wondering why i am writing about this issue. i guess i am writing today to honor my mom, who died from breast cancer just over two years ago.

this post is dedicated to her.

she was an amazing woman. the short version is that my mom and divorced when i was very young, 4 or 5. i have two older siblings and they were around 11 and 13 when my parents divorced. needless to say, as the baby of the family i was spoiled.

my mom poured tremendous amounts of love into my life. she is my hero. she was tenacious, wise and kind. life dealt her, at times, a difficult hand, but she played with courage and conviction. there are many, many stories i could share, but i would like to share this one.

near the end of her life, she would often "space" out. i am not sure if you have been around someone facing death and slowly dying, but i have. my mom would watch things around the room, but nothing would be there. i believe, as my mom got closer to death, she was beginning to see into that "invisible" spiritual realm. i know she was seeing angels.

during this two week time, my wife and i were expecting our third child. my mom deeply, deeply loved her grandkids. we were hoping she would live to see Luke's birth, but she did not make it. however, she told us the story, about a week before her death, of when the angel showed up in the front yard and let her see the baby. it's a wild story and one that would lengthen this post considerably. needless to say, i believe my mom saw Luke before we did. she could not stop talking about how beautiful the baby was.

i am grateful to God for my mom. i simply do not how to talk about her because she exceeds the english vocabulary. i love her. i miss her. i dedicate my life to in a way that honors her legacy. i am thankful that women around the word will get check-ups because of "breast cancer awareness", but i am more thankful that in the midst of tragedy we have an awareness of God's sustaining grace and supernatural power. i would rather focus on the cure than the cancer. i prayed for my mom's healing. it happened. not the way i wanted, but i know she lives today cancer free. she walks the streets with angels, my grandmother, jesus and countless others who have overcome death because of Jesus.


until next time....