running with others

last night was young adult group at the babin's new home. as it is with the kingdom and with life, it's difficult to communicate the quality and the love of that meeting. our format last night was for those to share their favorite passages of scripture.

we heard:

james 1 (the message)
psalm 27
romans 8
psalm 65

there were others but i can't remember what they were. after reading the passages we had a time of response to the word while listening to Rick Pino's "Angels of Awakening."

it was an incredible night and we were experiencing God at a spiritual level, soulish level and physical level.

i love our young adults. they are high quality. they are passionate lovers. they are growing and maturing and becoming the crowns of all of God's creation. i looked around the room and just thought about how much i love them and how honored i am to be one of their leaders. i reflect on how much they have grown. how the young ladies are becoming princesses and will make incredible wives and mothers some day. the young men are growing stronger and more powerful. they will make awesome husbands and fathers.

this feels like why i am alive. to give leadership and help establish the culture of the kingdom in the lives of people.

to the young adults of church of the hills.....I love you and count it an honor to run with you.

until next time.....